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Wedding Flower Ideas – Unique Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Your Wedding

With such grim weather outside, wedding flowers and decorations play an even bigger part in your wedding. They will need to stand out against the gray autumn palette and create artificial sunshine for your special day. All of the leaves have gone off of the trees, and the grass is soon to be covered by snow.

Aside from the obvious flower arrangements for your wedding, like the centrepieces and the bouquets, you may want to amp up the florals now that your garden won't do that for you. The key is in the details, read on for some unexpected places to put our beautiful blooms.


HAIR A sure way to brighten up yourself and your bridesmaids is to add flowers into your hairdos. Whether you're putting your hair down, or going for a classic up-do, a few subtle blooms will complete your look, making you really vibrant. Choose flowers that will last all day, like carnations, daisies, spray roses, or even greeneries. This way you won't have to worry about your hair-do wilting. For an even more magical look, add babieth breath and rhinestones for a 'wonderland' look. If you're getting your hair done by a professional, seek additional advice from him or her and make sure that flowers in your hair are not a problem for them. Adding flowers into your locks is an extremely affordable way to look original, bright, and fresh.

TABLES Another sure way to brighten up your venue is to not limit yourself to just centrepieces. Here's a trick: pick a flower (preferably one with a lot of petals) from your centrepiece or bouquet - one that would keep with the theme of your wedding - and order some of that flower's petals. Scatter those petals around the tables, either without any specific pattern, or around the rims. Some brides go as far as making patterns on the tables with petals. This will tie in well with your theme, and surround your guests with a pleasant flower presence. You could also add candles in the same pattern for extra decoration. If petals are not your thing try putting a single flower, or a small flower arrangement on the plates, next to the cutlery, or in the napkins. This will create a look similar to the petals, but in a neater fashion.

CAKE The cake is the crowning glory of your meal, which can be easily decorated with flowers. Whether you're baking the cake yourself, or getting it professionally made this is a great option that adds festivity and originality. Check with your baker whether he or she does decoration with live flowers. Whether you want to use the same flowers as your centrepieces and bouquet, or something that just fits with the theme is up to you. The baker might have some personal preferences as well. If you're on a tight budget, remember that a cake could be decorated with petals as well, which are significantly cheaper than full blooms.

DECORATIONS There is an unlimited world of possibilities. You could decorate everything from your chairs to your shoes, most of it depends on your budget and time management. Just remember that the world is the limit, don't let your small flower budget stop you. With BunchesDirect you can afford more than you think.

Even following only a few of the above tips will turn your wedding into a floral wonderland. It will make you and your guests feel like you have stepped into the middle of summer despite the weather outside. With BunchesDirect you can make all of your floral fantasies come true and have a truly unforgettable wedding. Remember to always have fun!


DIY Wedding Flowers - Made Easy



Flowers prices can be intimidating, but so can making making your own flowers. Seeing gorgeous pictures of complex bouquets could certainly put you off the idea, but there's no need to get scared by the complexity. You can get almost any look you want, and you can do it with your own two hands!

Making your own flowers is a much cheaper alternative to a florist, and even if you're unsure of your bouquet gathering skills, things like centrepieces and boutonnieres are simple enough to do on your own. With an infinite amount of resources available, and limited budgets, many modern brides are turning to the DIY alternative.


Benefits of DIY flowers:

1. Wow factor. Imagine the look on their faces when after endless compliments of your gorgeous arrangements you say "Thanks, I made them all". You will be a Super-girl!

2. Reliability. There are a few florist horror-stories which you can avoid by both ordering with BunchesDirect and making your own flowers. You will know that the flowers will be there, on time, and look exactly how you want them too. There is no second-guessing or last minute order problems. You can definitely rely on and yourself.

3. The Look. You alone know best exactly what you're looking for. If you're making your own flowers, you know and will include all of the small details you want, and add or subtract anything you think doesn't look as good. You are your own designer!


DIY Advice

1. Get Educated. Whether you know what you're doing or are new to the process, it's always helpful to load up on information. Look up the flowers you want and their care instructions, as well as how-tos on making bouquets, boutonnieres, and centrepieces. Sometimes it might be helpful to cross-reference your resources just to make sure you have everything right.

2. Plan. Know what you're doing ahead of time. Plan the flowers and colors that you're going to be using, make sure you have your supplies, and know how to make the arrangements. Always order extra flowers and extra supplies in case of mistakes.

3. Practice. If you grow flowers in your own garden, or have the chance to pick some up from a friend, it might be useful to practice making the arrangements before composing your own. That way you would already have the technique down and don't have to worry about making mistakes. Plus, it's a great way to decorate your home!

4. Storage. Once you receive and make the flowers, make sure you take care of them. For full care instructions click here.

There are also many other online resources to help you with the process, including our own inspiration section where almost any bride could find something to replicate or personalize.

Unsure of what kinds of flowers you need or working on a strict budget? Ask one of our BunchesDirect flower experts. They can help you pick up the right colours and flowers for your own project.

When tackling a DIY flower project, remember that there are lots of resources available, from youtube, to our own BunchesDirect experts. You will be supported every step of the way to your own perfect wedding.


Submerged Flower Centerpieces – How To

How to create your own Submerged Centerpieces?
Creating your own centerpieces is a great way to save money when organizing an event. The following will explain how to make your own submerged centerpieces. It’s easy to do, and makes a beautiful piece for decorating the tables of your wedding reception, charity event, or dinner party.

To make a submerged centerpiece you will need a clear glass vase, water, and flowers. You can include floating candles, rocks, sand, seashells, fruit, or whatever other creative idea you may have. A key component to keeping the flowers submerged is a method of weighing down the flowers so they don’t float.

*Tips for sinking your flowers:

  • Use moulding clay, ( form the stems of your flowers to the base of your vase)
  • Silicon, (glue your pieces in place)
  • Clear fishing line, attached to weight ( be careful here, because the water magnifies the contents of the vase)

Step 1: Design the base of your vase. Place stones, or seashells etc. in your vase.

  • If you are using moulding clay, fill the cracks between your rocks

Step 2: Start placing the flowers into your vase.

  • If you are using moulding clay, form clay to the base of the stem and then place into the stones or shells
  • If you are using aquarium glue, place a drop or two onto your flower and place it into position holding it in place until the glue dries   enough to hold. Know your arrangement before applying glue, because once it dries it will be difficult to change.
  • If you are using fishing line, attach the flower to the “weight”, (using a sewing needle through the flower) and make your arrangement.

*Tip* If you are using faux florals certain materials will release dye when water is added

Step 3: Slowly fill your vase with water.

*Tip* Tap water can cause bubbles to form around the contents of your vase. Distilled water/Filtered water produces less bubbles.


Step 4 (Optional): Add floating candles!


Wedding Advice – Dealing with the Expert Bridesmaid


Here it goes again – Another dreaded wedding for the unwed.

It’s a classic joke, “Never the Bride and Always the Bridesmaid,” but for some the story is all to true and a cruel joke that they are struggling with.

I’ve only been in two weddings but have been asked to be in at least three prior to my walk down the aisle and one since I’ve been divorced. I have had the pleasure of meeting many women who have yet to meet their prince charming and marriage is still a dream just waiting to happen but have been in so many weddings that they are now considered experts in the field.

Though the privilege of being in a good friend’s wedding is a wonderful one. It can be a nagging reminder that they you haven’t had the ultimate experience of a lifetime – their own wedding.

So, brides, be mindful of your friends (The Single Brides) who have been in so many weddings that they could make it a profession. Here are few tips that may help the ever so popular bridesmaid tackle another fun-filled wedding.

Don’t call your bridesmaid with constant updates. If the update isn’t important just leave it alone. She doesn’t have to know that your future mother in-law thinks that you should use pale blue napkins instead of sky blue. Seriously what’s the difference?

Don’t brag about how great your husband to be is. Believe me she knows he’s a great guy but your constant reminders is making her hate him more and more.

Keep wedding meetings and rehearsals limited and make them meaningful. To be honest, unless she is part of the planning committee she doesn’t have to meet with you to pick out decor and taste wedding cake.

Make her feel special. Have a luncheon, drop her a note or card or send her a special gift to say just how special she is to you. Please avoid this, “I know you’ve been in a looooooot of weddings and thanks for giving it a good heave hoe for me. You are a wonderful gal but some folks just ain’t meant to walk the aisle.” Just simply tell her thank you for all of her support and you couldn’t do this without her.

Finally, please don’t stuff her into a hot pink taffeta dress and expect her to be happy. Be mindful of your wedding party. We know it’s your wedding but think about them too. Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes.


Wedding Flowers – Flower Allergies

The sight a red eyed, wheezing and sneezing bride may not be a perfect picture but that vision may come true if a bride has allergies. Brides with allergies may think their only other option is to use imitations of the real thing but there is hope. There are ways to prevent or ease potential allergic reactions if you choose the right type of flower.

Experts at BunchesDirect say choose flowers that release less pollen.

Flowers like spray roses which are tiny but come in a variety of color have a light scent, low capacity to release airborne pollen and can still add color and style to your wedding.

A good floral designer or how good do-it-yourself floral guide can help put together arrangements and bouquets with any flower.images-4

Spray roses come in a variety of colors and are allergy friendly.Safe flowers




Hybrid tea roses

Some lilies can be a good choice: if the brown pollen-bearing anthers on the tip of each of the six stamens are removed.

Flowers to avoid

Oriental lilies

Mini asters








Various blossoms from trees should also be avoided. So, steer away from blossoms from orange, almond and cherry trees. There is no reason for a bride with allergies to forgo a flower filled wedding event. If she chooses the right flowers she can avoid an allergic wedding catastrophe.


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